In-tech and Lazinica at it again

Dec 01 2010 Published by under Open Access, Praxis

This is by way of a public-service warning.


Lazinica has the dubious distinction of being the only (as far as I know, anyway) publisher to be told by OASPA to take their logo off his site. Looking through the current In-tech offerings, one is bombarded with nonexistent copyediting and appalling typesetting. I can only guess acquisitions and review standards are equally low or lower, especially the way the outfit goes around trawling for authors.

This is not an outfit that will do your academic career any good. Stay away. Can I interest you in a nice PLoS or BMC instead?

Last I checked, In-tech's journals were still listed in the DOAJ. If I were DOAJ, I'd rectify that problem, but I'm not. And other than OASPA telling Lazinica he can't use their logo, they've been silent on the subject.

So I do what I can to spread the word. Somebody should.


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  • I got one of their solicitations a few weeks ago and smelled bullshitte, but I asked Bora what he knew. He did some digging and concluded it's a fucken scamme.

    • Dorothea says:

      I helped Bora around the edges with his inquiry. :)

      This really hacks me off. Like I need any MORE problems explaining open access to people.

  • martin says:

    I got an e-mail from intech just last week offering to publish my work, it's signed by mr Lazinica, so i google and find this. Why? What is the problem with Lazinica and in-tech, but pls just a little in-depth, coz this sounds like u're just competition?? Thank you! Regards

    • Did you actually follow the first link in the article?

      Then again, given your apparent grammar and Google skills, you and Lazinica may be made for each other.

      I am not a publisher, nor do I work for one.

  • Hisham says:

    Why is it considered WRONG to be invited to write a chapter in a book by a publisher? even if the publisher is not a famous one, the process is still legitmate.
    you are not obliged to write a chapter.

    You assume that writers who co-operate with INTECH are lay people who don't accurately differentiate between the right and the wrong.

    Before co-operating with them, any reasonable mind should first read the research project's aims and read about the editor and see other competing proposals.

    I have the pleasure to submit a chapter to INTECH in the forthcoming book business management. The editor's area of expertise and publications are sufficient for me to be sure that the book is going to be of an appropriate standard. The chapter I submitted depends on a research project which is completed and already accepted for publication.

    The reasons you presented earlier are illogical, and I can't just listen to anyone who say anything about something I can evaluate by myself.

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