Managing the minions...

(by genomicrepairman) Apr 13 2014

Just a quick poll the audience question.  Our lab is getting some summer interns in a few months and was just wondering how everyone distributes them (to grad students, postdocs, techs) and what kind of projects do you give them (plug and play, extra stuff in the lab nobody has time to do but may be helpful)?

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Sorry Natinals fans....

(by genomicrepairman) Apr 13 2014


I kind of felt bad today, poor Gio Gonzalez got beat up more than people's 401k's back in 2009.

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Scientopia will now have sponsored content by Ken Ham!

(by genomicrepairman) Apr 01 2014

Just fucking with you, unless that dude can drop some big checks.

Happy April 1st.  Now get back to work.

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Suggestions please....reviewers

(by genomicrepairman) Mar 24 2014

Our lab is starting to churn out some good papers and we hope to submit about 6 of them for publication by the end of the year.  I was just wondering what everyone's strategy is for suggesting reviewers?  Do you go with people who have seen your work at meetings who are favorable to it?  BSDs whose landmark papers you have reference and just hope that it will get reviewed quickly by them (read their postdoc)?

How do you folks do it and what are some good tips?

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What's the difference between a good poster and a great one?

(by genomicrepairman) Mar 11 2014

Neither do I?  At least in my present state of delirium.

I don't even know exactly what time it is in the early morning as I am finishing my poster layout for the Gordon Research Conference that starts this weekend.  If you will be in Ventura, CA, I'll see you there.  If not, I can give you updates on what the hell happened.

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Science with an eye on the bottom line...

(by genomicrepairman) Feb 23 2014

Echoing PLS's post about budgetary complexities, we have to keep an eye on the expenses in our lab too as our funding has seriously tightened up.  I look at experiments and see the data that it generates but I'm also thinking more and more what is the price tag for that data.  And like PLS we have about 6 pots of money to draw from and its fucking confusing as to which fund to draw down on sometimes and why.

For us the budget tightening has been a big change.  Mouse lines that were kept up and running if we needed them on a whim have been cryopreserved.  Watching how much we are spending on antibodies.  Working on which transfection appears to be the most economical in our lab (message me if you want details).

Unfortunately for us and with the looming of an even further bleak immediate future for science funding, we'll be keeping even more of an eye on the bottom line.

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Winter Olympics

(by genomicrepairman) Feb 11 2014

Is anyone watching the winter Olympics?  I've been watching some of the ice skating and both men's and women's hockey.  At many of the events it appears as if the stands may be less than half full, I don't know if its a measure of the events or the lack of tourism influx in these games.  And for the life of me I cannot get into the events that belong more in the winter X games than the Olympics (read half-pipe).

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Hallmark Cards for Scientists

(by genomicrepairman) Jan 18 2014

After having chatted with a few friends this week about their success and failures, I think the Hallmark corporation needs to come out with a greeting card line for scientists, with cards such as:

-Sorry your grant got triaged.

-Congratulations on your publication.

-Fuck Reviewer #3.

-Way to go, your NRSA got picked up!

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Happy Festivus

(by genomicrepairman) Dec 23 2013

Break out the Festivus Pole its time for the annual Airing of Grievances and Feats of Strength.

"Festivus for the rest of us!"

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How to be a successful graduate student...unfiltered

(by genomicrepairman) Dec 16 2013

I'm going to author a book called how to succeed in graduate school. The entirety of my self-help advice will consist of this scrawled onto a taco bell wrapper.

Step 1: Shut the fuck up and listen!
Step 2: Are you fucking paying attention?
Step 3: Ask questions, even if you fear that we'll think you are dumb.  Here's a hint, we already do.  Just ask the damn question.
Step 3: Think about what the fuck you are doing. No one else will do it for you.
Step 4: You better fucking be doing experiments and if you aren't, why aren't you?
Step 5: Stop reading this and fucking go do something.
Step 6: Now you fucking dumpsterbaby!

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