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Jan 23 2013 Published by under Book

Ladies and Gentlemen! I've got a very big announcement!

mcmath At long last, I've written a book based on this blog. It's being published by the Pragmatic Bookshelf. The way that the Prags work, you can pre-order the book now, and immediately download the current draft. As I update the rest of the book, you'll get all of the updates, up to the final printed version of the book.

I'm very proud of this thing. It's the result of a whole lot of work, and I think it should be a lot of fun for mathematically curious folks to read.

For this book, I've collected up a bunch of my favorite posts from the history of this blog, and revised/rewritten them in a much more polished, coherent form. The book includes:

  1. Numbers: some basic number theory, what numbers mean, how they're constructed.
  2. Funny numbers: a collection of strange but interesting numbers: 0, e, i, ...
  3. Writing Numbers: Roman numerals, egyptian fractions, continued fractions, ...
  4. Logic: first order predicate logic, proofs, temporal logic, and prolog.
  5. Set theory
  6. Computation and computing machines

Aside from being a fun read, buying it will support Scientopia. From the time that Scientopia got started, I've been paying all of the hosting bills. That's about $250 a month, for the last three years. Making some money from this book will make it possible for me to continue supporting it, and maybe even pay for some help with technical support!

Not to mention the fact that if this book does well, there will be more volumes down the line. In particular, I've got my eye on doing some stuff about the math of programming: type theory, category theory, algebraic data structures, etc.



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