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  • csrster says:

    I'm having problems with the scientopia rss feed not reloading. I' m using firefox and even when I select "Reload Live Bookmark" the feed doesn't reload. This behaviour is happening on two different machines - one linux, one windows. Any ideas?

  • adam says:

    Do you guys have a general scientopia twitter feed? or just individual bloggers?


  • cephyn says:

    The scientopia RSS feed plain doesn't work. i receive nothing. clicking on the link up in the corner just brings up a wall of text.

  • Vicki says:

    Scientopia seems to be crashing my browser fairly regularly, when I click on one of the sidebar links for a specific comment. (Just happened at Thus Spake Zuska and, a few minutes later, White Coat Underground.)

    I'm letting Firefox send reports off to mozilla, but this seems like something you should know as well. (I'm also emailing this to Mark C-C.)