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  • csrster says:

    I'm having problems with the scientopia rss feed not reloading. I' m using firefox and even when I select "Reload Live Bookmark" the feed doesn't reload. This behaviour is happening on two different machines - one linux, one windows. Any ideas?

  • adam says:

    Do you guys have a general scientopia twitter feed? or just individual bloggers?


  • cephyn says:

    The scientopia RSS feed plain doesn't work. i receive nothing. clicking on the link up in the corner just brings up a wall of text.

  • Vicki says:

    Scientopia seems to be crashing my browser fairly regularly, when I click on one of the sidebar links for a specific comment. (Just happened at Thus Spake Zuska and, a few minutes later, White Coat Underground.)

    I'm letting Firefox send reports off to mozilla, but this seems like something you should know as well. (I'm also emailing this to Mark C-C.)

  • Gridlock, I think they modified the blog because of page load issues.

  • MarkCC says:

    GR is right.

    On the older version of the page, the plugin that we were using to generate the content turned out to be implemented very poorly. The cost in server time to generate the front page ended up being proportional to the number of posts ever made to any of the blogs here. (Yes, totally unindexed for those who understand the DB stuff.) So the cost of populating the front page using that plugin was steadily increasing - and it got to the point where it was taking upwards of 20 seconds to generate the page for visitors, and eating so much CPU time that other pages on the site were becoming non-responsive.

    I do plan to get the front page back into shape. But since Scientopia is a completely unpaid hobby activity for me, things that aren't critical get done when Iave the time and motivation to do them.

    Since I just recently changed jobs, finding free time to hack PHP on the blog just hasn't been at the top of my list of things to do.