Our Members

AmasianV, Wandering Third Instar
AmasianV (uh-mey'-zhuhn vee) blogs about science, late-stage PhD candidacy, and Asian-Americanism.
Arlenna, Chemical BiLOLogy
A chemical biologist PI who blogs about the tenure track, grants (especially the K99/R00), life and other random stuff. She plans to bring some chemical biology research blogging to Scientopia, to highlight the best of the future of chemistry.
Bashir, Bashir
A postdoc in some very interesting area of science.
Jeremy Berg, Data Hound
A scientist and science administrator who firmly believes that, just as in science, discussions of science policy are most productive when reasonable data relevant to the topic are available to analyze, criticize, and interpret.
BioChemBelle, Transient Interactions
A Scientist, somewhere at the interface of chemistry and biology.
Comrade PhysioProf, DrugMonkey
Krystal D’Costa, The Urban Ethnographer
An anthropologist from NYC who has wandered off the traditional path, Krystal explores facets of NYC life through an ethnographic lens, encouraging readers to consider the intersection of the past with the present, and explore how this shapes the relationships with each other and the spaces they occupy.
dr24hours, Complex Roots
Dr. 24hours is a complex systems engineer, a health services researcher, a health care quality improvement specialist, a principal investigator, and an alcoholic in recovery.
Dr. Becca, Fumbling Toward Tenure Track
A NYC-based neuroscience post-doc in the thick of the TT job search
DrRubidium, Thirty-Seven
DrugMonkey, DrugMonkey
DrugMonkey is an NIH-funded biomedical researcher.
John Dupuis, Confessions of a Science Librarian
Female Computer Scientist, The Difference Engine
FCS holds a PhD in Computer Science and is now living the academic dream, or something.
Genomic Repairman, Tales of the Genomic Repairman
A semi-cultured, good-natured graduate student in biomedical sciences who escaped out of the deep south and now focuses on using genetics and biochemistry to elucidate DNA repair in cells
The Hermitage
An academic engineer and who makes snarky commentary about graduate school.
Engineering Symbol:
Moderately Awesome Superpower: Hermitage doubles as a Hyper Accelerated Life Testing machine
InBabyAttachMode, InBabyAttachMode
Pascale Lane, WhizBang
A pediatric nephrologist in academic medicine- she treats patients, teaches students at all levels, and performs research at the bench and the bedside.
Namnezia, Take it to the Bridge
A neuroscientist doing research and teaching in a US university, and blogging about life in the life sciences, and occasionally about James Brown.
neuropolarbear, Giraffes Elephants Baboons
A neuroscientist
Odyssey, Pondering Blather
A molecular biophysicist in a biochemistry department. In a college of medicine.
Moderately awesome superpower: Able to read the reviews of his unfunded proposals without spilling his beer.
Christina K. Pikas, Christina's LIS Rant
A science and engineering librarian in a special library as well as a doctoral student in information studies.
Moderately awesome superpower: Able to locate obscure technical reports on things that go WHOOSH or BOOM!
Prof-like Substance, The Spandrel Shop
A junior faculty member working in a field of evolution, using a variety of different study organisms to complete his plans for world domination.
Moderately awesome superpower: Being a teacher, lab manager, accountant, writer, reviewer, husband, father and colleague, in various order depending on the moment. In other words, surviving my job.
Scicurious, Neurotic Physiology
Blogging all that is good, bad, and weird in physiology and neuroscience.
Molecular symbol: CAFFEINE
Moderately awesome superpower: ambidextrous pipetting
Arch Nemesis: Decaf
Blogging Armor: my +3 to intelligence squid hat
Janet D. Stemwedel, Adventures in Ethics and Science (nom de blog is Dr. Free-Ride)
An Associate Professor of Philosophy at San Jose State University with a misspent scientific youth in physical chemistry
Potnia Theron, Mistress of the Animals
Gerty-Z, Balanced Instability: Adventures on the Tenure Track
Living the dream of a newly appointed junior prof.
Molecular symbol: C8H10N4O2
Moderately awesome superpowers: x-ray vision (Nomarski optics); extracting delicious black liquid from coffee beans with only a cone filter.
Zuska, Thus Spake Zuska
Zuska, a feminist scientist/engineer and administrator retired by chronic migraines, is a servant of the cats.  She knows from elder care. She curses invasives, drought, and deer and begs that the native flora and fauna (except the deer) should take up residence in her garden.
Molecular symbol: Pillbox.
Moderately awesome superpower: I don’t have to tell you what a crone can do, now do I?


Brooks Phd, The Meandering Scholar
He has a PhD in molecular genetics, and postdoctoral training in neuropharmacology. Currently Program Manager for a Clincial Science Institute in the MidSouth. Writes about career changes for scientists and the trials and tribulations of leaving the bench. Still trying to figure out what he wants to do when he grows up.
Moderately Awesome Superpower: Unfailing ability to say the wrong thing at the wrong time. Has been known to, occasionally, start a fight in an empty room.
Beth Brown. Book of Trogool.
Candid Engineer, Candid Engineer in Academia
Outspoken and optimistic, Candid Engineer offers her perspective on the temporary, underpaid, and opportunity-rich life and times of the academic postdoc.
Moderately awesome superpower: Growing square tomatoes.
Mike Dunford, The Questionable Authority
Melody Dye, Child's Play
A researcher in cognitive science at Stanford University, and an occasional contributor to Scientific American's Mind Matters.
Jason Goldman, Child's Play
A graduate student in Developmental Psychology at the University of Southern California.
Grrlscientist, This Scientific Life
An evolutionary biologist/ornithologist who writes about E3: Evolution, Ecology and Ethology, and the subtle relationships between these phenomena, especially in birds.
Moderately awesome superpower: commands flocks of attack parrots
Jeremy, Voltage Gate
A sci/tech writer with a background in biology.
Rob Knop, Galactic Interactions
A Professor of Physical Science (in particular, physics and astronomy) at Quest University Canada in Squamish, British Columbia.
Peggy Kolm, Everyday Biology
A biologist by training who can’t help seeing the role of science in her everyday life.
Current favorite non-human organisms: Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Saccharomyces pastorianus
David Kroll, editor for NCCU Eagles RISE
Leigh, Neurodynamics
An interdisciplinary researcher, combining neuroscience, pharmacology, and homeostasis among other interests.
Rebecca Montague, Sanitized for Your Protection
A researcher employed at a US university.
Bob O'Hara, This Scientific Life
An academic researcher who is either a biologist or a statistician: it depends on who he’s talking to.
Moderately awesome superpower: impervious to attacks by flocks of parrots
PalMD, WhiteCoat Underground
An internist practicing in the Great Lakes region of the U.S.
Professor in Training
An introverted, obsessive compulsive, accident-prone PhD trying to navigate the everyday minutiae that comes with being a tenure track assistant professor.
Ethan Rop, Attack Polymerase
Dorothea Salo, Book of Trogool
Science Professor
Elsewhere known as Female Science Professor, a mid-career physical sciences professor at a Major Research University in the US.
Andrew Thaler, Hardtack and Sardines
A graduate student at the Duke University Marine Lab